TPP, will have two docking positions. In its first stage, it has a dock to receive cape size boats up to 150,000 deadweight tons given its draft of -153 meters (50.19 feet) deep. Our dock is equipped with state-of-the-art cranes offering high performance in loading unloading from the ship.

TPP will have in its two stages more than 20 hectares (49.42 acres) for the storage of cargo, railway spurs designed for the efficient operation of hoppers and railway gondolas, as well as facilities for receiving trucks.

The annual capacity of our Terminal will be 6.0 million tons per year and in its first stage it has a capacity of 3.0 million useful tons for the handling of bulk minerals and products derived from iron.

To facilitate the commercial exchange of our clients, TPP has the authorization of the General Directorate of Customs to operate as a controlled area. This allows the handling and protection of cargo, as well as the necessary logistics services to facilitate the operation of its clients, always under a competitive scheme.

With the dynamism of the mining industry and a growing demand in the consumption of steel and energy products, as well as the high competitiveness of the markets, better alternatives are required. For this reason, at TPP we are committed to you, offering you a better alternative for your export and import projects with the Asia-Pacific region.

Potential Products
Mineral Bulks
Iron ore
Super-sacks with concentrates
Solid Energetics
Thermal coal
Metallurgical Coal
Petroleum coke
Steel Products
Steel Rolls and Sheet